Member of

Itosu-Kai Karate & Kobudo Association Canada

Established 1977 in
Deep River


Ken Chaplin-Sensei

4th Dan Karate
1st Dan Kobudo

Chief Instructor

Ron Rogge-Sensei

4th Dan Karate
1st Dan Kobudo

Senior Instructor

Andrew Do-Sensei
3rd Dan Karate


Senior Instructor

Audrey Hagberg-Sensei
3rd Dan Karate


Senior Instructor

Chad Boyer-Sensei
2nd Dan Karate



Jimmy Chow-Sensei , 1st Dan Karate and Lucian Ivan-Sensei , 1st Dan Karate;


Classes for the fall term have begun, but it is not too late to join.
Bring a completed Registration Form or send to Ron Rogge (Ron.Rogge "at"
An information sheet is available that provides general information on the Deep River Karate Club.

The Deep River club was formed in 1977, and is a member of the Deep River Community Association, as well as a member of the larger karate organization Itosu-Kai Karate & Kobudo Association, Canada with headquarters, or honbu, in Toronto. This organization in turn, is a member of a worldwide karate organization with headquarters in Japan. All students who attain black belt are registered in Japan and recognized worldwide.

History and Organization

Karate means -- art of empty hands -- and is a Japanese form of martial arts. It originated in Okinawa hundreds of years ago and was derived from several different martial arts learned as a result of trade with China. It was taught in secret and used for self-defense by the Okinawan people who were prohibited, at that time, from the use or possession of weapons. They had to resort to the empty-hand techniques. Karate flourished in the Okinawan cities of Shuri, Naha, and Tomari, where it evolved into three distinct styles from which most present-day karate styles are derived--one of which is Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai which combines both so-called hard and soft styles.

We teach both self-defense and competitive karate in a safe and fun environment, learning and performing basic blocks, kicks and strikes until they become reactive movements. Superior physical fitness is achieved through cardiovascular exercises, flexibility and strength development. Strict discipline and traditional teaching methods are integral parts of our style. Students must be willing to work hard and follow instructions with a serious attitude.

See Thirty Years of Karate in Deep River for an account of the history of the Deep River club.

Basic Operation of the Club

We are strictly a non-profit organization; all instructors are volunteers who, after practicing for a number of years, became qualified for teaching. Adult black-belts are in charge of teaching, and are assisted by junior black-belts or other senior students, who teach as part of their own training.

Classes are a combination of calisthenics (exercises), stretching and conditioning, and karate drills, partner drills, free-sparring, kata, and self defense.


Ron Rogge (Ron.Rogge "at"

Information and Registration

An information sheet is available that provides general information on the Deep River Karate Club.

The Registration Form can be printed, signed and sent to Ron Rogge (Ron.Rogge "at"