Student Centre
This page is a resource centre for the karate-ka of shito-ryu itosu-kai in the Deep River Karate Club. 

Crib Sheet

Crib sheet listing the basics you need to know as a coloured belt as you go through the kyus.  The sheet does not include yakushoku.

Initial Katas and Partner Drills

All the kihon kata (20) follow the same basic "I", or "H" on its side, pattern.  This diagram helps show the basic pattern.

These videos of a Deep River karate-ka provide good examples of a couple of Kihon Katas and Pinan Nidan (yellow belt). These should not be considered a reference for the perfect kata. All karate-ka shall remember that it is always possible to improve your kata. The videos do provide a visual for all the elements of these kata helpful for learning. Thank you to the Deep River Karate-ka (Andrew S., Ethan K., and Matthew K.) who agreed to perform for these videos for your benefit.

Kihon Kata #1 (MPG format, 12 MB; or MP-4 format, 10 MB).
Kihon Kata #4 (MPG format, 12 MB; or MP-4 format, 13 MB).
Pinan Nidan (MPG format, 9 MB; or MP-4 format, 10 MB).

Kihon Kumite (also known as Ippon Kumite) are basic partner drills. One person executes a known attack (e.g. step in and punch) and the other person then practices a defense and counter strike combination (e.g. retreat while blocking and then counter with a punch).
To progress from white belt to yellow belt, the student needs to know Kihon Kumite 1-5. These are demonstrated at a basic level here.
Kihon Kumite #1
Kihon Kumite #2
Kihon Kumite #3
Kihon Kumite #4
Kihon Kumite #5


Here is a copy of the current newsletter if you need a new one.


All karate-ka of shito-ryu itosu-kai are expected to learn the history of our style of karate.  Much of what you need to learn is now available on the web, and of course the perfect place to start is Honbu's website, Honbu's masters page and from the worldwide headquaters, Sho-Honbu, history pages.